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BUSENFREUNDIN by and with Ricarda Hofmann is Germany's most successful LGBTIQA interview podcast. She brought talk guests like Maren Kroymann, Bettina Böttinger, Michael Michalsky, Ina Müller, Sarah Kuttner and Riccardo Simonetti on the show. BUSENFREUNDIN was nominated for the German Comedy Award in 2020 and for the German Podcast Award in 2021 and 2022. BUSENFREUNDIN received the "Impact of DiversityAward" in 2021.

Busenfreundin © Ben Hammer

With their new live program "Pink Bubble", Germany's widest-reaching LGBTIQA podcast BUSENFREUNDIN will come to Berlin in December 2022 and answer questions such as How solidary are LGBTIQA communities really? What are the benefits of queer communities? Is there a need for a 'ByeBye Bubble' at some point?

In her show, podcast host Ricarda Hofmann takes her talk guests into her world to talk to them about queer life and create a special conversation situation. Live and direct on "Pink Bubble", viewers can expect a mix of live podcast show, audience interactions and many dazzling highlights. With skillful entertainment, wit, diverse topics and different guests in each tour city, no show is like the other.

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