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The Bud Spencer Museum is located in the heart of Berlin. With this lovingly curated show, the Pedersoli family pays tribute to their husband, father and grandfather, who died in 2016 at the age of 86. Hundreds of unique exhibits from the private life of actor Carlo Pedersoli and the great film career of his alter ego Bud Spencer will be on display at the Römischer Hof, Unter den Linden 10.

The museum

Mosquito, Bulldozer, Flatfoot or Hippopotamus - in many of his more than 50 feature films, Bud went by a different, rarely flattering name. But Carlo Pedersoli almost always played the same good-hearted and jovial character, standing up for the rights of the oppressed, beating the bad guys across the screen as hard-hitting as he was quick-witted, and being loved by his fans all over the world precisely for that.

Together with his congenial partner Terence Hill he conquered an audience of millions and became a superstar: Bud Spencer.

The Pedersoli family gives a unique insight into the life of this cult figure.

Also featuring:

  • Bud`s Cinema Lounge
  • Multimedia gallery
  • Bud`s official fan shop
  • Favorite ice cream Gelateria Girotti (Terence Hill)
  • Photo points & attractions
  • Lifelike Bambi in person
  • Fan club & events

On 500 square meters of space on the first floor of the Römischer Hof, the family shows previously unpublished photos, the most beautiful film posters, original costumes and props. Among the largest exhibits are a red and yellow VW buggy and a restored Ford Escort MK1 from "Two Like Pitch and Brimstone," the famous ice cream cart for pistachio ice cream and the pinball machine from "Two Are Unstoppable," as well as life-size statues of the cult figure Bud Spencer.

But the lesser-known sides of the Italian multi-talent are also illuminated in the exhibition:

After all, Carlo Pedersoli (1929 - †2016) was not only Bud Spencer. He was also a successful inventor, manufacturer, singer, composer, lawyer, founder of the airline Mistral Air and even a world-class swimmer in his younger years.

A separate section of the exhibition is dedicated to Pedersoli's successful swimming career, as he was a member of the Italian national swimming team for many years. From 1947 to 1957, he had dominated the breaststroke and freestyle distances as Italian champion for ten years and participated in the 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games. Photos, medals, trophies and the original Olympic bathrobe from this period are preserved in their original form.

In addition to the varied and attractive exhibition, there will also be an entertaining film and hands-on program. In the museum's gorgeous atrium (Buds Kino Lounge), documentaries with and about Carlo Pedersoli will be shown, as well as rarities and iconic clips from the SpencerHill feature films. Numerous photo points and other creative stations also invite visitors to participate.

For those who want to eat their fill in Bud Spencer style or become a fan, the Wild West Museum Saloon offers a wide selection of favorite foods and fan shop items. Terence Hill's "Eis Saloon - Gelateria Girotti" from Umbria will be offering delicious ice cream and, together with the WonderWaffle makers from Berlin, the original Belgian "Craffel" from Liège will be available in the take-away store.
Additional information
For the popular monthly Bud Spencer evenings we are open from 20:00 - approx. 0:00. These evenings are very special parties limited to a few guests.