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A domination-free monologue for meat eaters and diesel drivers - vegetarians and vegans welcome -.

"Whenever you share the opinion of the majority, it's time to reconsider." (Mark Twain). But reflection is not the order of the day. We do not have the time to pause and reflect, because in 10 years at the latest, experts predict, we will have reached the "point of no return" and then the earth will become uninhabitable. Panic is the appropriate reaction.

PORTRAIT Bruno Jonas
PORTRAIT Bruno Jonas BR/Ralf Wilschewski

In democracies, majority opinion determines the course of political developments. When voter turnout falls, however, a minority can outvote the majority. This is normal and happens again and again.

(Program in German)

In his new program, Bruno Jonas chooses the form of the speech. He is mentally guided by Ambrose Bierce, who said, "Oratory is the conspiracy of speech and action to deceive the mind." The offerings to cloud one's brain are many. Who pays attention to speech manipulative strategies when they are entertaining? Kant mistakenly believed that man must free himself from his self-inflicted immaturity. Today we are in a phase in which man voluntarily sets out into immaturity because it is more comfortable and more fun for him.

Bruno Jonas was engaged by the "Society for the Salvation of the World", which this time organized a gala evening in the "Hegelsaal" of the MS Deutschland on the high seas. Illusionists will perform before the "Nudelgangerl". Jonas is on after the main course. Thematically everything is allowed.

After the dessert there is still deluge for all. The evening ends with a common drowning. That can only be cheerful!

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Schlosspark Theater
Schlosspark Theater