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The second Britz Garden Night is coming up and once again invites you to a fantastic journey of discovery. This time, visitors can expect even more magic, mysticism, music and adventure. Musical and artistic highlights await at various, interactive stations and invite guests to discover the Britz Garden by night. The patronage for the second Britzer Gartennacht is once again assumed by the district mayor of Neukölln, Martin Hikel. 

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Britzer Gartennacht
© Dominik Butzmann

For the second time in its history, the Britzer Garten and its structures will be themed and the impressive botany will be illuminated. On their journey through the garden, visitors will encounter mystical mythical creatures from previously unknown magical worlds at interactive stations. On the shore around the lake, enchanting moments and friendly encounters full of magic unfold their full effect, especially at night. The spacious area of the Britzer Garten invites to be explored and discovered, whether alone, in pairs or with the whole family. The compass, the lighthouse and a map show the way. Past summer-blossoming meadows and forests in the west - over the bridge in the south that spans the magic stream - through the land of the giants in the east, to the dragon's nest in the north. Music, artistry and artistic performances for all the senses spread magic along the way.

The visual magic of the Britzer Garten is revealed at night by fairytale illuminations and light shows. During the Britzer Gartennacht, the garden will be under a spell that has not often been seen in this place.
Also managing director Christine Meinecke Wohlthat of the organizer Wohlthat Entertainment is excited: "After the successful premiere of the Britzer Gartennacht, we are looking forward to this year's continuation, which will feature very special musical highlights.''

A comprehensive energy and sustainability concept has been developed for this year's Britzer Gartennacht. For example, 80% energy-saving lamps or LEDs are used in the realization of the lighting technology and light illuminations. In addition, the concept includes the use of environmentally friendly materials and the promotion of local artists as well as catering partners and event service providers.

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