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Permanent exhibition

The Brecht-Weigel memorial is located in the side wing of the Brecht-Haus on Chausseestraße 125, next to the French and Dorotheenstädtische cemetery, where Huguenot generals, writers, composers, sculptors, philosophers and actors have their graves.

GRAFIK LESUNG UND BÜCHER © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

Bertolt Brecht lived in his apartment on the first floor of the side wing and rear building from October 1953 until his death on August 14,1956, and was persuaded above all by his proximity to the Berlin ensemble, the academy and the historic cemeteries next door to move into this apartment with "decent dimensions", as he wrote to his publisher Peter Suhrkamp. The size of the rooms offered Brecht enough space for many work tables and room for discussions with his students. The apartment also houses its estate library with about 4,000 volumes available to users of the Bertolt-Brecht Archive.

Helene Weigel lived in rooms on the second floor of the side wing during Brecht's lifetime, which she made available to the Bertolt-Brecht-Archive she had founded after Brecht's death. She had a veranda attached to the garden and moved to the ground floor in 1957. She lived in this apartment until her death on May 6,1971, when Brecht's 80th birthday, February 10,1978, marked the opening of the Brecht Weigel Memorial. Three rooms of each apartment have been preserved in their original condition. Further institutions of the Brecht House are the Bertolt-Brecht-Archive with the Helene Weigel-Archiv, which also belong to the Archive of the Akademie der Künste, as well as the Literature Forum in the Brecht House.

The exhibition can be visited with a guided tour. If possible, please register for all tours via email at

Guided tours: Guided tours take place at the following times:

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Admission: € 5/2,50/1,50

Special tours for groups (more than 8 persons) by appointment.

The memorial is closed on public holidays.

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The museum is closed on holidays.
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