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When people are confronted with the diagnosis of cancer, they are often deeply insecure and wonder how they should or can live with it. The questions they ask themselves are often directed towards the past: why me? What I have done wrong? How could this happen?

Life is out of joint and has to find itself again. Questions can be useful: Was the way I lived up to now good? Do I like doing what I do for a living? can i change something? What do I want to change? Renate Christensen is a doctor with a naturopathic background and a speech therapist. She has been advising people with cancer for almost 25 years.

Logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl, which deals with the meaning of life, can be helpful with these questions. When a person has found meaning in life, they often endure the severity of great challenges better.

In her lecture, Renate Christensen will address how people can deal with existential challenges in life. She looks forward to interesting questions and discussions with her audience.

Registration: or 030 3425041