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German violinist Carolin Widmann embarks on a musical research trip to Argentina. Supported by an anonymous patron, she wants to explore the music of the composer Alberto Ginastera. A labyrinthine adventure begins. This concert is the musical story of that journey and will be recorded live as part of the film Breaking Music 02.

Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, a series of difficulties leaves Carolin without a guide. Despite this, she decides to continue her investigation alone in a city that seems unrecognizable to her. Some unexpected characters will begin to cross her path and lead her through a surprising musical labyrinth.As Carolin tells us about her trip, she will perform works by Ginastera, Zipoli, Schulhoff, and Bartok in a concert that invites us to approach music as a revealing experience. In this concert, Carolin Widmann will be accompanied by the British pianist Simon Lepper and new arrangements of works by Ginastera and Zipoli will be premiered. The Freigeist Orchestra joins the stage for the grand finale.

CAROLIN WIDMANN: A wonderfully versatile violinist, Carolin Widmann's activities encompass major classical concertos, new commissions especially written for her, solo recitals, and a wide variety of chamber music and period instruments, including orchestral conducting. Widmann received the Bayerischer Staatspreis for music in 2017, in honor of her exceptional musicianship. Widmann also received an International Classical Music Award (Concert category) for her critically acclaimed recording of the Mendelssohn and Schumann Violin Concertos with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, released in August 2016 by ECM and which Widmann herself conducted from the violin.

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