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For the fifth time, Cookies Event is hosting the “Brave New Brunch” in Studio C on the banks of the Rummelsburg Bay. As a culinary act, the Holly Gastrobar operates with pots and pans.

Sommelière Fernanda Befi and chef de cuisine Simon Guitard offer a mix of signature dishes from their Neukölln restaurant and new compositions. The band Moderna and the Australian musician and DJane Neu Romancer provide the music at this open-air dance brunch.

Seven courses from the French-influenced product kitchen of the Holly Gastrobar will be served on this Sunday lunchtime. Simon Guitard combines modern ideas with techniques such as salting, fermenting, smoking and similar traditions. For this brunch, he relies above all on the diverse flavors of seasonal vegetables.

It starts with fermented potato bread, Marchand de Vin butter and cold-pressed sunflower seed oil. This is followed by hand-cut beef fillet tartare with puffed rice and tomato sauce, salt-baked beetroot with spelled coffee and bronze fennel, as well as marinated aubergines with Genovese basil, black aubergine puree, herb salad with lovage oil, verjuice dressing and roasted nuts. Rounding out the menu are cheese balls and fermented nut camembert with beetroot chutney and homemade miso, Granny Smith with oat milk and apple peel, and finally roasted marshmallows.

The menu can also be booked as a vegetarian or vegan option. There is also a welcome drink and filtered water as accompaniment. Fernanda Befi has suitable wines and non-alcoholic alternatives ready.

The menu starts at 1:30 p.m. on July 23 and ends around 4 p.m. Admission begins at 1 p.m.

Tickets are only available in advance.