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Aleksandra and Alexander Grychtolik

In 2021, the "Brandenburg Concertos" by J.S. Bach celebrated their 300th anniversary. Today they belong to the greatest monuments of classical music, are played all over the world and at the same time stand for great stylistic variety and joy of playing. For this occasion, the harpsichordists Aleksandra and Alexander Grychtolik have prepared a concert version of the 4th and 6th Brandenburg Concertos for 2 harpsichords, which together with the baroque improvisation of a "7th Brandenburg Concerto" frame a program that spans the arc of Bach's improvisational art.

Aleksandra und Alexander Grychtolik
Aleksandra und Alexander Grychtolik © Sandra Neumann

Organizer: Caputher Musiken
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Price info: 28 | 25 | 10 Euro
Schloss Caputh