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The independent mentoring program BPA// promotes exchange between emerging and already established Berlin artists. The partnership between KW Institute for Contemporary Art and the BPA// Berlin program for artists has been in place since 2020.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art von außen
KW Institute for Contemporary Art von außen © KUNST-WERKE BERLIN e. V., KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Foto Uwe Walter

Launched in 2016 by Angela Bulloch, Simon Denny, and Willem de Rooij, the BPA// Berlin program organizes reciprocal studio visits, public lectures, and joint exhibitions.

The BPA// Exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art shows works by the artists:inside from the last year, which were created during their participation in the program.

  • Curator: Sofie Krogh Christensen
  • Assistant curator: Anna-Lisa Scherfose (BPA//)
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KW is only partially accessible for visitors with limited mobility. KW wants to make a visit as barrier-free as possible. For this reason, they are constantly working on supplementing and improving their offerings and welcome suggestions. Contact: or 030/24 34 59-0.