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Open-air cinema in the Schlüterhof - Blockbuster films and guests from Argentina, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam

Box Office Around the World. Nhà Bà Nữ The House Of No ManJulia Murat won the 'Golden Leopard' for REGRA 34 at the last Locarno Film Festival, her film was celebrated as the return of Brazilian cinema to the anarchistic splendour of 'cinema marginal'.

It centres on a dedicated black law student who defends women in abuse cases - by day. In her private life, Simone offers live sex on the internet to earn money and because it excites her to experiment with her desires. The title "Rule 34" refers to a common meme, an internet rule that states that pornographic equivalents exist on the net to everything that exists. In its daring juxtaposition of private and political corporeality, the film succeeds in being both a provocation and a plea for a freer world.

- Open Air
- Location: Schlüterhof
- Duration: 100 minutes
- 19:30 Talk about the film in English, food trucks in Schlüterhof
- 21:00 Film screening
- Language: Brazilian Portuguese with English subtitles
- FSK: 18 years
- Price: 8,00 EUR / 4,00 EUR reduced

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