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Open-air cinema in the Schlüterhof - Blockbuster films and guests from Argentina, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam

In this fast-paced political thriller, a top advertising executive becomes embroiled in a spectacular family dispute that escalates into a conflagration through social media. On his lecture tour through India, Rahab Ahmed actually only wanted to visit his hometown briefly when he meets Nivi, a young woman who runs for her life and takes refuge in Rahab's car.

He is a Muslim, she is the fiancée of a Hindu politician whose greed for power and unscrupulousness she could no longer tolerate. To mask the scandal of the renegade fiancée, the social media team of the politician's family invents an "abduction version" of Nivi's disappearance. The media outrage over a supposedly violent Muslim is the spark that escalates fermenting social conflicts... "Rumours" spans the big screen between Bollywood tradition and an errant present.

- 19:30 Talk about the film in English, food trucks in the Schlüterhof.
- 21:00 Film screening
- Location: Schlüterhof
- open air
- Language: Hindi with English subtitles
- FSK: 16 years
- 8,00 EUR / 4,00 EUR reduced

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