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“I am like a blind man in a labyrinth, feeling his way around and constantly finding new doorways and entering rooms that he did not even know existed.” With these words György Ligeti once described himself and his extraordinarily undogmatic way of composing. Led by François-Xavier Roth, the Boulez Ensemble explores three of Ligeti’s fascinating scores, written over the course of two decades. Michael Barenboim takes on the solo part in the spectacular 1993 Violin Concerto.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: BOULEZ ENSEMBLE LIII
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  • György Ligeti - Trio for Violin, Horn, and Piano
  • György Ligeti - Chamber Concerto for 13 Instruments
  • György Ligeti - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
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Participating artists
François-Xavier Roth
Michael Barenboim
Ben Goldscheider
Giuseppe Mentuccia
Boulez Ensemble
Pierre Boulez Saal