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Zauber über Botania

The 12th Botanical Night invites you to discover the magical world of Botania. On August 27 & 28, 2021 and September 3 & 4, 2021, the Botania worlds of experience and all their inhabitants will light up the Botanic Garden.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Botanische Nacht 2021
© Eberhard Klöppel

But pay attention! Because nothing is as it seems. As night falls, a "spell settles over Botania." Mystical plays of color bring the garden's vibrant plant life to life and cast a magical spell over visitors. Nature appears as if enchanted. Dreamy song and driving rhythm full of hope and confidence befuddle the senses. Natural creatures lure visitors into their worlds with fantastic productions. Botania as we know it stands on its head.

In late summer, Germany's largest botanical garden is transformed into a fantastic wonderland - discover the magic of the nocturnal garden with all your senses and look forward to artists, music and performance! The search for the light of nature.

The Botanical Night 2021 focuses on spatial and temporal equalization and a hygiene and safety concept: so that guests can enjoy relaxed summer nights in the garden, the number of event days will be doubled from the previous two to four days and the ticket quota per day will be halved compared to previous years.

With a new program schedule, the event will become an extensive and, above all, safe walk through the Botanic Garden, where visitors* can spread out on guided paths over an area of around 30 hectares. Another pandemic-related innovation is controlled admission via a total of four separate entrances to allow for flowing entry. Families and children will be given special consideration at admission with a new upstream time slot.

Admission will be possible with a daily Corona rapid test with a negative test result. Fully vaccinated with a valid vaccination record or convalescents will not require an additional Corona rapid test to enter the grounds.

The botanical garden
With a diversity of 20,000 plant species, the Berlin Botanical Garden is the largest in Germany and one of the most important in the world. Visitors gain fascinating insights into the world of botany on 43 hectares of open-air grounds and in fifteen greenhouses. As a hub of international biodiversity research, the Botanic Garden employs more than 200 staff. With the Botanical Museum, it has Germany's unique museum facility dedicated to the diversity of the plant world, its significance, and the presentation of its cultural and natural history. Since 1995, the institution has been part of Freie Universität Berlin.

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