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Documentary, D, AT, 2019, 93 min

In her directorial debut Born in Evin (2019), director and actress Maryam Zaree, born in 1983, searches for answers to the history of the violent circumstances surrounding her birth in one of the most infamous political prisons in the world: Evin in Teheran. Attempting to break the silence in her family around the imprisonment, she observes this place, where the participants in the recent protests have been jailed and not that long ago, in October 2022, several political prisoners died in a major fire.

KEY VISUAL MAXIM GORKI Maxim Gorki Theater - 2022

Her film was honoured with the Compass Perspective Award at the 2019 Berlinale and received the German Film Award for Best Documentary in 2020.

A discussion with Maryam Zaree and guests will follow the screening
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Maxim Gorki Theater