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Exhibition & Special Events

KAI's artworks take us into poetic machine worlds characterized by steel, fire and the impressive beauty of the monstrous. Since 1983, the multidisciplinary artist has been creating kinetic metal sculptures, giving life to the technique in a creative act.

KAI's metal art has established itself as the trademark of a unique art movement. The recently published book "KAI" (Cologne: Edition_, 2023) reveals in German and English his decades of work in metal sculpture and performance art. This work shapes the spirit of the Berlin avant-garde and leaves a lasting impact on the city's art and culture scene.

The outstanding role of KAI as an actor in Berlin's independent scene becomes clear, be it as a co-founder of the artist group Dead Chickens, the independent cultural center Haus Schwarzenberg, the artists' club Eschschloraque Rümschrümp or through WERK.STATT.44 and the Dead Chickens' monster cabinet.

But KAI's work also stands alone in that it constantly creates new networks of artists and cultural workers. This dynamic is also made clear by the accompanying exhibition: against the captivating background of his dark and aesthetic art, a platform for the presentation of other artists and actors unfolds. Various areas of art such as sculpture, painting, photography, drawing as well as language and writing are brought into dialogue. At the same time, this stage serves as an open platform for performances, music and presentations that promote artistic exchange.

Special events provide deeper insights into the history of KAI's work and influence, for example in connection with the legendary Dead Chickens, but also into central locations and production facilities that continue to shape Berlin as an art and culture location to this day.

Ultimately, the otherness in KAI's art creates its own realities that bring you directly into contact with your inner self - raw and edgy, poetic and moving. In this way, he transforms the neurotitan gallery into a pulsating world of aesthetic extremes that invites you to follow his art on an aesthetically demanding trip to your inner self.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2023
Exhibition program & special events
Vernissage & Performance: Saturday, September 30, 2023, 6 p.m. in the neurotitan
Welcome: Prof. Dr. Marcel René Marburger
Performance: KAI, MUNSHA
After show party in Eschschloraque from 10 p.m

5 OCTOBER 2023
Kino Central special: Thursday October 5th, 2023, 8 p.m. in the Kino Central
DEAD CHICKENS a documentary art comedy by Malika Ziouech (16mm; 21min; B/W; 1989)
NIHIL by Uli M Schüppel (58min; B/W; 1987)

14 OCTOBER 2023
Finissage & Haus Schwarzenberg special: Saturday, October 14, 2023, 6 p.m. in the neurotitan
Lecture: Dr. Vera Fischer
Panel: Dr. Vera Fischer, KAI, Henryk Weiffenbach, Jutta Weitz, moderation: Rebecca Lilliecrona
Performance: Thomas Mahmoud, Edu Delgado Lopez, Luca Andriola
After show party in Eschschloraque from 10 p.m
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