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The author in conversation with Anne-Dore Krohn

In her debut novel, Nilufar Karkhiran Khozani approaches Iran and her family history in a very personal way. The author talks about this with literary scholar Zaal Andronikashvili (languaef: German)

It is Nilufar's first trip to Iran and to a family unknown to her - the family of her father, who left her when she was a young girl and went back to his home country.

There she meets new faces, all with their wounds and longings, and a society full of contrasts. Nilufar learns about a life that could have been hers and a father who avoids her whenever she gets close to him.

Surrounded by the chaos of the ever-flowing capital Tehran and the well-meaning hospitality of her relatives, Nilufar unravels layer by layer the brokenness of a country, her family and her own identity.

  • Nilufar Karkhiran Khozani "Terafik", Blessing 2023
An event in cooperation with Blessing Verlag

Admission 8 € / reduced 5 € / Berlin-Ticket S 3 €