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with Ute Kähler and Michael Keusch

Police Officer Ute Kähler and photographer Michael Keusch spent many years speaking to Berlin police officers who worked on the eastern and western sides of the Berlin wall. The authors present their book »Auf beiden Seiten« and are excited to discuss it with you.

Berlin police officers tell stories about the things they experienced while in service: stories both serious and jovial, sad and bitterly enraged. And in doing so, they tell us about themselves: their motives, origins and ideals.

In her Foreword, Ute Kähler says that three important things are felt in her stories: »Respect, great closeness and even greater sympathy for colleagues, whether still actively working or already retired.« These are police stories which otherwise only rarely come to the light. Friends of the Polizeihistorische Sammlung Berlin e. V. and publisher Verlag am Park warmly invite you.

Entrance is free.
Language: German
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