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It's Christmastime

It's Christmastime with the Boogie Royale Trio! The Boogie Royale Trio takes you on a swinging journey through the Christmas season, with Boogie Woogie, Blues, Rock'n'Roll and Jazz. You can expect rousing and atmospheric interpretations of American and German Christmas classics. Andreas Bock, two-time winner of the German Blues Award, is one of Germany's most versatile blues drummers.

Boogie Royale Trio mit Viveca Lindhe
Boogie Royale Trio mit Viveca Lindhe Ev. Kirchengemeinde Petrus-Giesensdorf Lichterfelde

Singer Viveca Lindhe is a native of Sweden and is known for her large and expressive voice. Pianist K.C. Miller, the master on the black and white keys, lets his fingers fly over the keys in breathtaking virtuosity during Boogie Woogie. Together, the three professionals bring the blues, Boogie Woogie and pure joie de vivre to the stage, all handmade and without big electronics. Enjoy boogie standards, blues hits and innovative new things - refreshingly good! Happy Christmas!


  • Viveca Lindhe - vocals
  • K.C. Miller, - piano
  • Andreas Bock - drums
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Admission: 16 €
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Petruskirche Lichterfelde