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Christmas Boogie

The Swedish singer Viveca Lindhe has lived in Berlin for many years and is known for her great voice. As a singer and entertainer, she guarantees good entertainment and inspires her audience with her natural charm.

The piano soloist award-winning pianist K.C. Miller knows how to skillfully interpret both soulful blues pieces and swing jazz standards.

Andreas Bock, one of the busiest blues drummers in Germany and two-time German Blues Award winner, completes the band.

Together, the three professionals bring pure joy of life to the stage with their “Christmas Boogie program”, everything handmade and without any major electronics. Boogie standards, blues hits and innovative new things – refreshingly good!

Dancing, concert-like and rich in diversity. A pleasure. A joy.

  • Viveca Lindhe - vocals
  • KC Miller - piano, vocals
  • Andreas Bock - drums

Admission: €16 / (children €10 - discount only at the box office)
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