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Antigone - the new play with Bodo Wartke! After "King Oedipus" the piano cabaret artist proves his acting talent for the second time with a tragedy of Sophocles. Wartke and his long-time stage partner Melanie Haupt play all parts of the play in rapid role changes with few props in a minimalist stage design.

Bodo Wartke und Melanie Haupt: Antigone
Bodo Wartke und Melanie Haupt: Antigone © Reimkultur GmbH & Co. KG Fotograf Gernot Hoersch, Joe Frohriep

Like its predecessor, "Antigone" is also completely rhymed, the language is modern and there are again numerous pop cultural references to be discovered. With all due respect and yet with humor, the makers of the play approach their "Antigone" without taking the tragedy out of the play.

The play, conceived by dramaturge Carmen Kalisch, director Sven Schütze and Bodo Wartke, shows the topicality of the ancient material, in which the main character rebels self-determinedly against a newly enacted law in the state. The focus is on timelessly valid questions about the responsibility of the state on the one hand and the role of the individual human being on the other.

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Participating artists
Kristina Hoffmann (Bühne)
Carmen Kalisch (Stückkonzeption)
Carmen Kalisch (Dramaturgie)
Katrin Ostermann (Kostüme)
Sven Schütze (Regie)
Sven Schütze (Stückkonzeption)
Bodo Wartke (Stückkonzeption)
Bodo Wartke (Textdichtung, Musik)
Bodo Wartke (mit)
Melanie Haupt (mit)
Komödie am Kurfürstendamm im Schiller Theater