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Was everything so golden in the so-called Roaring Twenties, wasn't it? Under the title TWENTIES - GOLDEN? Bo Larsen is showing new abstract works in which he deals with the 1920s and the last century in painting. For the German-Danish painter, Berlin glitters, but somewhere the gold glitter is peeling.

Colored pictures like BIG CITY, on which happy life rages, contrast with pictures like HEUTE & DAMALS, on which darkness shows. Other works such as HOPE show the contrast of the rather cheerful and colorful-looking oil paint to the rusty, oxidized background, which in DANDY looks cheeky, as the title suggests. Looking at the "TWENTIES - golden?" pictures opens a small window from the present to the past and back and gives an idea that all that glitters is not gold.

In his new pictures, Bo Larsen bids farewell to the shrill colors of his last NEON series and, in addition to oil and acrylic paints, brings gold leaf, metal alloys, iron powder and oxidizing agents to the canvas. With the combination of these materials, the artist creates works with which he visualizes the attitude to life, prosperity and success, but also the rapid ascent and descent, superficiality, transience and decay as well as the associated fears and hopes of these two decades .