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Two operas from the beginning of the 1920s, each from the other end of the world. While Gershwin's jazz opera follows in the footsteps of his Italian opera models, Ravel looks to the 20th century.

by George Gershwin

by Maurice Ravel

  • In English / French with German surtitles

"Blue Monday" is the day of the week when the dice lose at gambling and a man loses his life.
In a world dominated by men, Vi, who is in a relationship with gambler Joe, prevails. She describes herself as highly jealous. This fact and her own insincerity are to cost the gambler Joe his life in the end.

In Ravel's "L'enfant et les sortilèges", the boring world of a child is transformed into a fantasy world as he grows up.
Toys, small figures of wallpaper, furniture and animals come to life and begin to speak. The naivety of childhood disappears bit by bit and the child discovers, not least, love and compassion for other living beings.

  • Musical direction: Errico Fresis
  • Director: Lars Franke
  • Stage: Hyeonsu Jung and Helena Schaber
  • Costumes: Lara Duymus
  • Collaborating costumes: Felizitas Wiesner
  • Choreography: Rosemary Neri Calheiros

Lea Kohnen / Sophia Stern / (Qiang Yang), Aiko Bormann / Greta Behr, Antonia Schuchardt / Clarissa Undritz, Xiao Chi / Yerim Park, Ruiling Hu / Mads Jakobsen, Giacomo Schmidt / Junbeom Woo, Armin Horn / Siqi Wang, Fook Sars / Vlad Fedoriaka, Aaron Selig / Karim Meyer, Dohoon Lee

as well as:
Adriana Amade, Camille Caradeuc, Helene Kerst, Milica Milic, Renata Polonkai, Eleni Kanaki, Malina Höfflin, Yongxi Liu, Nathaliia Nikonova, Felix Groll
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