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This band of pianist and composer Lionel Haas lives up to its name.The "groovy" swinging sound of the front with three horns sweeps you like a mighty gust of wind. The music, all original compositions and arrangements from Lionel's pen, picks up on the spirited African-American tradition. With interesting compositions and the often wild improvisations, Blowing Front is always a very popular act.

Pianist Lionel Haas, born in Bonn in 1971, has been playing the piano since the age of 9. After a four-year stay in Washington DC, he has been living in Berlin since 1999 and, in addition to his trio, quintet and octet formations, works as one of the most sought-after sidemen on the Berlin jazz scene. He is at home in many jazz styles and proves himself time and again as a highly virtuosic soloist with a distinct blues feel.

Canadian-born Mike Segal moved to Berlin in the mid-80s and established himself in the scene as a saxophone teacher and much sought-after sideman. He stands out not only for his virtuosity on the saxophone, but also for his highly innovative approach to his solos. In recent years Mike has also distinguished himself as a gifted composer and arranger. His previous projects: "Mike Segal's Songs of Love" and his songbook in collaboration with pianist Wolfgang Köhler, "Take Time for Love".

Dustin Drews is a German-American saxophonist born in Houston, Texas in 1979. After graduating from high school, he successfully completed a bachelor's degree in studio jazz and performance at the University of Miami with Gary Keller from 1997 to 2001, graduating with top grades. His playing on tenor and alto saxophone is characterized by an incredible intensity that captivates every listener. His music has already taken him through more than 40 countries before he finally settled in Berlin. Dustin is a true luminary especially in the field of microtonal music.

Richard Maegraith is an Australian jazz musician living and working in Berlin. He holds a master's degree in jazz from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. His main instrument is tenor saxophone, but he is also proficient on other instruments such as alto, soprano and baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass and drums and has contributed to over 35 released albums. He has also performed and recorded with many international jazz artists including Chris Potter, Alex Sipiagin, Maria Schneider, Jim Pugh, Nate Wood and Bob Sheppard.

Daryl Taylor's family owned a night cafe outside of Houston, Texas, which introduced him to blues, jazz and the R&B styles of the day. At an early age, he played drums and banjo. At 15, he began playing bass guitar, infected by the bass grooves of James Jamerson (Motown) and Bernard Odum (James Brown). By 20, he was playing jazz standards on upright bass. After teaching through school, privately and in clubs, Taylor toured extensively with Archie Bell & the Drells, (Philly International Records). Numerous jazz performances followed with Arnett Cobb, Kenny Burrell, Sonny Stitt and many more. "Big Jay" McNeely's Sax-O-Mania II took Taylor on a tour of Germany in 1989, where he played at the Quasimodo-Berlin and witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. Currently, Taylor continues to compose, perform and record music while involved in various touring and recording projects.

Born in Israel in 1979, drummer Yatziv Caspi learned his instrument at the age of 7 and took lessons at various institutes in his hometown. In addition to jazz, Yatziv is also a percussionist at home in oriental music, as well as versed in the art of the Indian tablas, which he became acquainted with during his travels in India. In Berlin he is especially known for his virtuosity and stylistic versatility, which allows him to adapt to bands of different genres.

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June 2023