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Blendend invite again to annual Christmas party with the beloved elective family. A rare opportunity to shake out the legs and a few calories with the best Elektrodeutschhousedrumnbasser of the universe properly before the big food begins.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Blendend: Weihnachten in Familie
Blendend are electro in the head with skills for funk and will to drum & bass to ignore charts, storming stages. Faith warriors - all or nothing. Handmade club sound with a penchant for house.

The groundbreaking lyrics of singer Wilhelm Friedrich von und zu Hohen Neukölln captivate with the poetry of reduction. His concise, condensed language is everyday life and negotiate the only seemingly simple things between you and me, us and the world. Direct and on the pulse of time. Earth-shattering.
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