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The leaf charcoal congress is entering its second round. This year we will also be asking about the coal that lies between the leaves of your books. The participants look at participation in the market, how diverse it is, but also what the diversity is like in it and its products.

At the industry congress we don't just talk about books, we also present the full range of diversity - from authors, self-publishers, librarians, publishers, booksellers to readers. And don't think this is just a feel-good session.


How diverse are the stories in the books? And what about the highly praised bibliodiversity?

How does my book get onto the market? And who else deserves the leaf charcoal?

How fair is access to the market? Which doors remain closed in self-publishing?

How do you as an author find a publisher? What should be taken into account in the manuscript? Do I need an agency?

So grab a chair and listen – or ideally grab the microphone and join in.
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