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Berlin's independent cinema guide,, turns 25 in November and invites you to its birthday party on 24 November 2023 at the Hackesche Höfe cinema.

The website, which is unique in the German cinema landscape, is celebrating its big anniversary in cooperation with the Hackesche Höfe cinema:
The science fiction action film "Demolition Man" (OV) will be shown here on Friday, 24 November 2023 at 22:00 in a 35mm cinema special.

The screening marks a double birthday: while turns 25, the film celebrates its 30th birthday.

The two cineastes Benjamin Kohzer and Christian Kitter began compiling an overview of all the capital's cinemas out of passion in 1998. Handmade, private and ad-free right from the start.

On their entertaining foray through Berlin's diverse cinema scene, they describe the history, architecture and current state of the cinemas.
The Kinokompendium has currently visited and described over 166 cinemas (including open-air cinemas and closed theatres) with over 380 screens.

The centrepiece of are the exclusive photos.

The presents over 1,500 professional photographs that form a unique archive of Berlin's cinema landscape.
New and up-to-date photos are constantly being added throughout the year. The website sometimes has the last, sometimes even the only pictures of closed cinemas.
In total, the collection comprises over 6,000 different motifs. This has been arousing the interest of thousands of cineastes and organisations for decades. Because only here can you find a detailed yet compact representation of all Berlin cinemas, foyers and auditoriums.

"We are very proud of this milestone," says creator Benjamin Kohzer. "When went online, the internet was still young and descriptions of cinemas were an absolute novelty. Even in the age of the internet giants, we cover a niche that nobody else does. In return, we get a lot of encouragement from cinema-goers and experts who use and appreciate our lovingly curated cinema guide. Just knowing that the Berlinale uses us for research every year is great. is a wonderful hobby with no end in sight."

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