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A lot has changed during the lockdown, including for Juliette Jackson, the singer, songwriter and guitarist of The Big Moon. She suddenly found herself in front of a screen, giving guitar lessons on an online platform to pay the rent. One of her students was none other than Courtney Love, which is certainly an amusing anecdote.

But this anecdote is overshadowed by the biggest change in recent years: Juliette Jackson became a mother and devotes a lot of space to this unique experience on her new album "Here Is Everything".

The Londoners' collective sense of melody and talent for writing intelligent and catchy indie-pop songs enabled them to transform individual experiences into universal music.

The eleven songs on the album are simple yet incredibly catchy. Over the years, The Big Moon have become so well-rehearsed that the content of the songs flows seamlessly into the music.

The drummer Fern Ford and the bassist Celia Archer understand each other without words and lay a gentle, rhythmically complex carpet on which the guitarist Soph Nathan and of course Juliette Jackson herself glide effortlessly.

The band is in top form and is enjoying this phase of their work, despite or perhaps because of all the changes.

Now it's time to pack up the instruments and stage outfits and get back on stage. At the beginning of December, the currently hottest female band is coming to Berlin.

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