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Big Big Train had to cope with a heavy loss with the death of their lead singer David Longdon in fall 2021. Now the Brits confirmed that Alberto Bravin from "Premiata Forneria Marconi" will take over his succession. Since in January 2022 with "Welcome to the Planet" the new and 14th studio album was released, the band also looks optimistically into the future again.

Big Big Train
Big Big Train © Sophocles Alexiou | Big Big Train - April 2022

Under the aegis of Gregory Spawton, Big Big Train expanded their spectrum and experimented with genres ranging from rock to pop, folk, electro, and musical-ready big arrangements.

Singer Bravin and the other bandmates will make a very big appearance in Berlin.

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frannz(KULTURBRAUEREI, (Ecke Sredzkistraße))