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with Henry Nandzik and Dirk Rave

Music, hits, chanson, pop and rock are all about people. About feelings and memories that are combined with songs: of the trip on vacation, of the first love or separation, of the first intoxication, the last cigarette. Through music, young people rebelled against their parents and sometimes even emancipated themselves. Every generation has its own songs for this.

“Pop history is social history, even if many people don’t like it,” as the film critic and Musil biographer Wilfried Berghahn once wrote. At least that applies to the time when computer programs were not yet able to develop melodies and combine words into pleasant, everyday texts. At that time, people wrote texts about things that moved them, and other people set them to music, arranged them, recorded them and sang them.

In a surprising number of these songs you discover cross-border similarities in East and West. Some things stopped at the “Iron Curtain”. On both sides.

Henry Nandzik and Dirk Rave sing their way through the history of the two German states using a mixture of hits, pop and rock songs and chansons, and they talk sometimes chronologically, sometimes thematically: about the post-war years marked by hardship in East and West, about the good 50s and rebellious 60s up to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

With hits and songs by Bärbel Wachholz, Evelyn Künneke, Bully Buhlan, Trude Herr, Ruth Brandin, Helga Brauer, Vicky Leandros, Tanja Berg, Frank Schöbel, Gitte Haenning, Nina Hagen, Hoffmann and Hoffmann, Karat and many others, all for accordion newly arranged by Dirk Rave.

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Henry Nandzik
Dirk Rave