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The Scottish band Biffy Clyro formed in 1995, initially under the name Skrewfish. Simon Neil once revealed in an interview that the name comes from his school days: At that time, he had owned a ballpoint pen with the photo of singer Cliff Richard, thus a "Cliff-Biro" (Cliff ballpoint pen). The band name was created by swapping the initial sounds. In order to be best prepared for their always topless concerts, the three band members eat a large bowl of pasta before every show.

Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro © Warner Music

Biffy Clyro swear to perform upper body free until old age: "It is very likely that you will see us as 55-year-olds with big bellies jumping over the stages". Should not be a problem in Berlin, no matter how big the belly is.

The band members count Metallica, Nirvana, Rush, Fugazi, Pixies and the Foo Fighters among their musical influences. Their style is sometimes described by reviews as alternative rock, progressive rock emo-rock. Doesn't matter, the main thing is good music and free of upper body!

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