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A Chance Encounter

With two generation-spanning Magnum positions, C/O Berlin opens this year’s celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the internationally renowned photo agency. Happy birthday, Magnum Photos!

In her solo exhibition A Chance Encounter, Bieke Depoorter presents Agata and Michael, two series that begin with chance encounters. Personal relationships with the people featured in her photographs, which were developed over the course of several years, significantly influence Depoorter’s artistic practice. Depoorter challenges the medium of photography while blurring the traditional relationship between photographer and subject. The stories of Agata Kay and Michael reflect topics such as social stigma, breaking taboos, and the inclusion of people who are often overlooked in society. C/O Berlin shows two universal works by the Magnum photographer, consisting of installations, wall pieces, projections and photographs, in Bieke Depoorter . A Chance Encounter. Curated by Felix Hoffmann, C/O Berlin Foundation.

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  • Summer opening hours until September 9: daily 11:00-18:00