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They look as if they've been invited to a state banquet: Tailcoat, cufflinks, pocket square, coiffed hair. But watch out! Here, much is different than it seems, because the three gentlemen, who appear so gentlemanly, have it all figured out.

Equipped with the very finest outfit, they offer musical comedy of the particularly weird kind. They blow on garden hoses and beer bottles, parody stars of the German and international music scene and combine alpine yodels with Spanish castanets and flamenco sounds.

Everything is upside down here and is properly shaken up, rhymes and melodies fly colorfully through each other and sometimes take on curious forms. The three musicians from Hamburg pour out a veritable cornucopia of crazy ideas on their audience, who can't contain themselves for sheer enthusiasm. The three musical comedians race through the ages at a ludicrous speed, making 30 instruments, some of them homemade, sound with unimaginable ease.

For almost 25 years, Bidla Buh has been delighting audiences with the most sophisticated music comedy in the tailcoat of the new millennium. Awarded with numerous prizes such as the Rheingau Music Prize, the Hamburg trio fascinates with a unique mixture of musical virtuosity, great stylistic variety and the best Hanseatic humor.

"The top trio Bidla Buh is washed with all musical waters." Hamburger Abendblatt

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Hans Torge Bollert (mit)
Olaf Klindtwort (mit)
Jan-Frederick Behrend (mit)