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Choirs in Berlin Central Station

Eleven Berlin choirs intervene in the familiar "station sound". Train stations act as hubs for farewells and arrivals, for departure and promise, for everyday life or a new beginning. They turn people into travelers, into passengers. Berlin Central Station is one such place where people are constantly on the move surrounded by a constant sound of trains and announcements.

On this everyday "stage" on Sunday, September 10, 2023, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., eleven Berlin choirs will intervene in the usual "station sound" with a large number of songs from classical choral literature.

At two specific points in time, all eleven choirs will gather and together with the powerful union of many hundreds of voices will intervene in everyday events. You can look forward to impressive and moving moments that remind you that singing, as a universal language, is a connecting element of all cultures - a language that reaches every cell, touches and arouses curiosity.

In ancient Greece, the choir was considered the voice of the people. Transferred to the main station, the choirs reflect the travellers, they are their representatives. This idea is underlined by the different costumes of the choirs, which refer to everyday social iconographies.