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Technical innovations have long since permeated all areas of life. The world premiere BETA illuminates the potential of digital tools, but also the risks posed by non-transparent data sets and the monetisation of private user data.

In her composition, Dariya Maminova artfully interweaves genres, mixes live sound with complex sound with complex electronics and plays again and again with the boundaries of our perception of analogue and digitally produced music.

  • Production: Christiane Mudra; With Hye-Young Moon, Youngkwang Oh


A tech pioneer celebrated as a genius promotes his visionary projects to revolutionise the livelihood of people worldwide. A hacker warns against the accumulation of power by a few global corporations and researches artificial intelligence. A politician pushes the digitalisation of state institutions and is confronted with the challenges of disinformation, data and consumer protection.

Technology has pervaded all areas of society. BETA, here as a world premiere, explores not only the potential of digital tools but also the risks inherent in the monetarisation of relinquished private data. To what extent do the economic interests and tactics of tech multinationals clash with ethical issues and constitutional questions? How can European laws and state institutions effectively regulate the power of global high-tech corporations and protect people’s civic rights? The work is based on research by Christiane Mudra, a writer/director who uses leaks, legal texts and interviews with industry experts to explore the interplay between policymakers, society and tech concerns.

Dariya Maminova’s composition interweaves genres and blends live sounds with intricate electronic music, constantly toying with our perception of analogue and digitally generated music. Interactive tools encourage the audience to adopt a stance on the issues raised and influence the course of the performance.

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Additional information
World premiere by Christiane Mudra and Dariya MaminovaPremiere on 17 February 2024

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Participating artists
Dariya Maminova (Komposition)
Christiane Mudra (Konzept, Recherche, Text und Inszenierung)
Elda Laro (Musikalische Leitung)
Lina Oanh Nguyễn (Bühnenbild nach einem Entwurf von)
Sarah Silbermann (Kostüme)
Yavuz Narin (Video/CGI/VFX)
Markus Schubert (Creative Technologist)
Carolin Müller-Dohle (Dramaturgie)
Hye-Young Moon (Lou)
Oleksandra Diachenko (Scarlett)
Youngkwang Oh (Hannes)
Simon Mantei (Julian Zapp)
Maya Alban-Zapata (Untitled)
Corinna Ruba (Clara Sanders)
Jessica Rucinski (Flügel, Cembalo, Elektronik)
Yukari Aotani-Riehl (Violine, Elektronik)
Juan Lucas Aisemberg (Viola, Elektronik)
Martin Schaal (Kontrabass, Elektronik)
Thomas Döringer (Schlagwerk)