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Anyone can become a refugee. More than eighty years ago, hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee Germany at the risk of their lives. The German poet and theater maker Bertolt Brecht was one of them. From France to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, once across the Soviet Union to the USA.

KEY VISUAL Bertolt Brecht: Flüchtlingsgespräche
KEY VISUAL Bertolt Brecht: Flüchtlingsgespräche © Maxim Gorki Theater - 2022

Along the individual stages of escape, renowned theater makers and authors such as Can Dündar, Jürgen Kuttner, Shermin Langhoff, Eric Ruf and Katharina Thalbach pursue the question of the extent to which Brecht sought to use the experience of foreign countries and exile for himself as an artist.

A moving journey through time that leads directly to our own present.


Filmstill aus Brecht und die Flüchtlingsgespräche
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