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The anniversary concert conducted by Christof Griese celebrates 100 years of the Musikschule City West, 35 years of JayJayBeCe and 25 years of cooperation with Jazzkeller 69 e.V.

The big band of the Musikschule City West, the Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra JayJayBeCe, celebrates its 35th anniversary.

The JugendJazzBandCharlottenburg (JayJayBeCe) under the direction of Christof Griese exclusively plays compositions by Berlin jazz musicians - hence the name "Berlin Jazz Composers Orchestra" - and has meanwhile published its repertoire of over 80 compositions on 8 CDs with BIT-Musikverlag Berlin.

In the 35 years the big band has won many prizes: from 3rd prize at the 1988 European Big Band Competition in Berlin to 1st prize at the 1992 German Orchestra Competition, the Skoda Jazz Prize in 2010 and four times at the IBBC, the International Big Band Competition Meerjazz in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015).

JayJayBeCe has been invited to festivals in Eindhoven, Lewisham, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Mexico City and Istanbul, where the big band represented the state of Berlin in 2019 at the 30th anniversary of the Istanbul-Berlin city partnership and received a standing ovation in front of an open-air audience of 2000.

Direction: Christof Griese

Current formation

  • Felix Broman – alto, sopran
  • Carolin Fröhlich – alto
  • Lara Sosalla Serodio, Marie-A. Schwebe – tenor
  • Georg Nürnberger – bariton

  • Donat Kubrinski, Elina Dalewski, George Wilson – trumpet
  • Humberto “Tito” Lopez Moser, Laszlo Griese, Jan Uwe Zabel, Yannic Rösch-Pasitka – trombone

  • Linda Hunger – guitar
  • Adrian Mücke – piano
  • Roland Jurisch – bass
  • Tobias Heise – drums

Ehemalige aus 35 Jahren

Paul Engelmann, Elli Sooß, Nils Feldman, Sidney Pfnür, Aaron Klenke, Henrik Baumgarten, Peter Ehwald, Oliver Fox, Birgitta Flick

  • Laszlo Griese, Rob Bauer, Julian Schließmeier, Janni Struzyk – tuba , Henning Lieske – Sousafon

  • Damian Probiesch, Jan Kaiser, Donat Kubrinski, Frida Beck, David Heiss, Tobias Knebel

  • Kenneth Berkel, Jakob Reisener, Jonathan Morgenstern, Clemens Süssenbach – piano
  • Christian Kühn, Sungjun Ko – guitar
  • Robert Teigeler, Alex Will, Paul Lapp – bass
  • Leon Griese – drums