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This guided tour for blind and visually impaired people gives an insight into eight centuries of Berlin history.

When was Berlin founded? How did people feel in the Middle Ages? And what did the city smell like 250 years ago? The "BerlinZEIT" exhibition uses selected years to tell the story of Berlin's history.

The tour highlights Berlin's peculiarities and special features from the city's foundation to the present day.

Detailed descriptions, tactile objects and olfactory stations convey amazing Berlin stories for all the senses. The needs of blind and visually impaired people are at the forefront of the tour. It also offers space for questions and discussions.

With: Adrian Kosanke (freelance mediator)

Further information: 030 240 02 - 162 |
Additional information
Meeting point: Cash register

Price info: incl. museum admission | registered accompanying person free of charge

Price: €5.00