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with many creative ideas

The TV tower can be discovered in a new way and offers special experiences.

TV-Turm Berlin
TV-Turm Berlin © visitberlin, Foto: Chris Martin Scholl

A new app has also been launched that allows visitors to explore the city even better from the tower with the help of augmented reality.

Culture and gastronomy with a view over the metropolis Dream and enjoy in the "Sphere" restaurant with an impressive view over the entire city. Light sceneries and cloud plays create a feeling of freedom and inspiration. Timely bookings on the website secure seats for unique events above the city. Dinner events in symbiosis with live music and Dj sets are planned. Appropriate hygiene concepts offer the possibility for renewed adventures in the dome.

Concerts with the soul singer Esther Filly can finally start, just like many other exciting events with great artists* like Kirk Smith, Naima, Alex Parker with the most beautiful Udo Jürgens songs and Jens Sörensen with the hits of Frank Sinatra.

Breakfast events for the whole family are also on the program again. Urban art for young and old The "reflect & act" exhibition opens in August. The tape art exhibition is a collaboration between the artist collective TAPE OVER and the non-profit art initiative "public artefacts", jointly curated with Stephan Van Kuyk. Thus, in addition to the artists* of TAPE OVER, other well-known tape art artists* and their diverse works will be on display. For all those who want to be artistically active themselves, the team of TAPE OVER offers workshops in the tower. Tape art kits will be available for use at home.

In any case, the topic of "Urban Arts" will play a major role in the Berlin TV Tower in the future - graffiti and photo exhibitions with Berlin artists are planned, among other things. "This exhibition will be a personal highlight after a challenging 15 months for the art and culture scene. To be able to exhibit in such a unique building, to design the panoramic window front with a tape art installation and even to give workshops at the top of the tower is a very special honor for me as an Urberliner," tell Lamia Michna, and Robert König, founder of TAPE OVER.

Interactive 360° view - climb the tower and explore Berlin via app The Magnicity app, which is available free of charge, offers the opportunity to explore Berlin's TV tower and other unique observation towers in the world (Paris, and later Rotterdam and Chicago) from the comfort of your sofa. On the tower itself, the app helps you find your way around and learn more about the city's most important buildings, places and sights. If you let the display wander over the panorama, a wealth of information appears. Entertaining videos take users back to Berlin in the 1920s, the time of division and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Special AR filters can be used, for example, to display the Berlin Wall as a 3D model. Even in cloudy weather and with poor visibility, the Magnicity app makes it possible to see through and get an overview.

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The Berlin TV Tower will be open to the public daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ;  more information are available online at

Fast View Tickets Due to the pandemic, visitors need a negative Corona rapid test, an FFP2 mask and a confirmed appointment.