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Berlin is no longer what it used to be. Berliners see the blatant changes in their city: more new buildings, more people, more up-scale offerings. In contrast, inexpensive studios, cultural open spaces and neighbourhood cultures seem to be disappearing altogether.

This has harsh consequences for people who depend on affordable housing. Berliners are losing their flats and with them their familiar neighbourhood surroundings. Many are demonstrating for fair rents and against displacement. In their guided tour, artists  Barbara Bernardi and Vincent Voignier about the ongoing commercial changes in the city, but also about resistance and solidarity.

The guided tour accompanies the Open Space project We’re staying! Gentrification and resistance in Berlin. The artistic works can be seen in the room “Interconnection” of the exhibition BERLIN GLOBAL.

The tandem guided tour involves two people. An educator and a Berlin expert guide you through selected exhibition areas. The invited expert determines the subject matter. The experts will bring their own varied professional and personal backgrounds into the conversation and they may be a midwife, artist, small-scale female entrepreneur, biologist, historian, archaeologist, psychologist, female fire fighter or restorer. People who work as volunteers or who have provided curatorial support in the exhibition will also be invited. This makes every tandem guided tour individual and unique.

Barbara Bernardi is an artist and filmmaker, born in Italy and based in Berlin since 2008. Her multimedia installations, poetic films and photos create intimate and sensorial landscapes that tell stories of loss, mourning and migration. She collects voices, words and memories of the people who become part of her participatory works, which have been exhibited and screened across Europe and in the United States.

Vincent Voignier is a photographer and artist, born in France and based in Berlin since 2003. His work aims to meet communities, individuals and phenomena beyond the mainstream and portray them visually without prejudice or stereotypes. His photo series have documented subcultures such as Sapeurs of Brazzaville in their homes, transgender persons in Russia and the Philippines, and clubbers in Berlin. He has exhibited his work in London, Berlin, and Saint Petersburg.

- 10 EUR
-Please book your ticket in advance online or at the box office in the foyer.
- The tandem tour takes place every four weeks on a different topic.
- Duration: 90 min
- 14 years and older
- Language: German
- Accessible for wheelchairs
- Berlin Exhibition, 1st floor
- max. 20 persons
- Belongs to: BERLIN GLOBAL

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