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Portraits of the Berlin art scene - a photography exhibition by Jörg Dedering

photographer Jörg Dedering started his project "BERLIN ARTISTS"
during the corona pandemic. He visited artists in their studios and
photographed more than 100 Berlin personalities. With his portraits
Dedering shows the Berlin art scene in its individuality and
diversity. His very personal selection of artists and the calm that
his portraits radiate, result in an authentic picture of the artists
and their situation in lockdown. A
book will be published by Revolver Verlag Berlin to accompany the

Portraits of the Berlin art scene
Revolver Verlag Berlin 2022, 144 pages, 105 plates,
18,5 x 26 cm, brochure, text english/german
24,- Euro
ISBN 978-3-95763-531-0

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Jörg Dedering