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He is one of the best dressed comedians in Germany, because Benni Stark knows how to do it! He worked as a men's outfitter for 13 years before he was drawn to the stage. After the success of his first solo program "THE FASHIONIST - #kleider.lachen.leute" he goes on tour in 2020 with his new program "STARK AM LIMIT".Even if Benni has now turned his back on retail, the years there have shaped him and so he also devotes his new show to the questions that still bother him today: Why do men have to put on sweaters so that women can see that they don't look good on them? Why are so many items of clothing "something different"? And what the hell is a "talented shirt"?

Life after retail also demands everything from Benni, and he willingly takes his audience on this wild journey. Whether by train, plane or on the high seas - Benni is on the road a lot. Anyone who still believes that the worst thing about a cruise is the emission levels can still learn a lot from Benni. Stick with Benni Stark - he's the only one who knows how to get cable TV on the ship.

Even in his spare time, he plays with fire. He daringly competes in a team with his wife at game night or questions her instruction to wash the cooking pot by hand instead of putting it in the dishwasher. Why? - "Is better!"

With all the daredevil experiences, one wonders, what's to come? A child! Benni Stark has become a father and suddenly the once hunted becomes the hunter, the retailer's nightmare: he becomes a customer himself. Now he is the one who sometimes puts on a romper suit for his offspring in the store "just for fun" and pushes his former colleagues to the limit. Suddenly he dares to do things he would never have dreamed of before. Benni plans adventure vacations in Denmark or lives out his wild side on the freefall tower at the amusement park.

  • Language: German

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