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Norwegian/French quintet, Bêl

Norwegian/French quintet, Bêl, who released it's debut album, My Head Is About To Explode on the french label Onze Heures Onze (Magic Malik, Octurn) in October 2022. Bêl's compositions has taken its inspiration from the avant garde scene in New York, Chicago and France, and the music turns out to give associations to jazz as well as classical chamber music.


  • Sigrid Aftret -  tenor sax and flute
  • Sol Léna--Schroll -  alto sax
  • Tore Ljøkelsøy - drums
  • Joel Ring -  cello
  • Magnus Løvseth -  tuba 

Through an atypic instrumentation, Bêl seeks to create a sonic proposition freed from the traditional boundaries of jazz. By integrating elements of serialism and spectralism with a strong yet flowing rhythmic foundation, Bêl merges improvisation and composition into a collective process. The habitual musical roles are redefined, and the five instrumentalists participate in creating a unique sound, taking the listener to an ebullient musical journey.
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