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In ten thematic modules, the exhibition tells the history of the early concentration camps from the conditions in the Weimar Republic to the dissolution of the camps.

Ausstellung - Schriftzug in verschiedenen Sprachen
Ausstellung - Schriftzug in verschiedenen Sprachen visitBerlin, Grafik: Mona Schäfer

It shows the diversity of responsibilities, groups of perpetrators and locations and illustrates how prisoner groups and everyday prison life were similar or different.

Biographies of the persecuted, camp commandants and guards illustrate the similarities between the camps and open up perspectives on the progressive development of the concentration camp system from 1936.

A separate module is dedicated to remembrance and commemoration in an East/West comparison.

The exhibition will open simultaneously at several locations of former concentration camps and in the Topography of Terror documentation centre on the 90th anniversary of the Reichstag Fire Decree on 28 February 2023.
This is intended to express both the decentralisation of the start of political persecution in the early days of National Socialism and the decentralisation of today's custom of remembrance.