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Der perfekte Mord

After four seasons with exciting, bizarre, tragic and, above all, real criminal cases, new spectacular cases are finally coming live on stage.

BAYERN 3 presenter Jacqueline Belle and defense attorney Dr. Alexander Stevens explore a question: Does the perfect murder exist?

Three exciting cases where the killer was not found, was convicted or even the wrong man was convicted.

Together they investigate the brutal double murder in Koblenz. A case in which there are still doubts about the conviction of the right perpetrator. In another case of alleged suicide on a cruise ship, Alexander Stevens is suddenly confronted with the alleged murderer's confession, but he is still walking around free today!

Of course, Jacqueline Belle and Alexander Stevens also talk about a few bizarre cases from the successful podcast, which as usual are exciting and humorous.

All cases have one thing in common: They are all real, exactly what happened and Alexander Stevens was there live as a criminal defense attorney. He reports from his own perspective, classifies the facts legally and gives insight into the experiences and tricks of the criminal defense attorney.

The tour will be presented by BAYERN 3 presenter Jacqueline Belle. Jacqueline Belle's voice is not only known from the radio and the successful True Crime Podcast - she is also a well-known voice actress for blockbusters, films and series such as "Mission Impossible", "Game of Thrones" or "Fast & Furious". Her heart is beating for speaking and moderating! At BAYERN 3 you can hear her on the popular show "Die Zwei für dein Feierabend" or on the morning show.

Alexander Stevens is one of Germany's best-known criminal defense lawyers and is also known to a wide audience as a bestselling author and TV lawyer. He has been representing murderers, rapists and bank robbers for over ten years and has repeatedly caused a nationwide sensation with his spectacular cases.

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