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BAP celebrates successes that were not thought possible, astonishing the media and critics and, of course, unhinging many of the golden rules of the music business. They were considered “pop stars of almost unbelievable size in the early eighties” (Rolling Stone / 2023) and their songs had a lasting impact on people’s musical tastes, especially in this decade.

Hits like “Verdamp lang her”, “Kristallnaach” and of course “Do kanns Zaubere” burn themselves irrevocably into the ears and hearts of their fans.

In 2024, BAP will embark on a musical TRAVEL IN TIME, where as part of the tour of the same name through Germany, Switzerland and the Benelux countries, they will play all the songs from the two double platinum albums from 81/82, with which they became known nationally and which have been on the wish list ever since of fans are at the top.

Since BAP made it to the top of the charts and thus their national breakthrough with their third long player “Für Usszeschnigge” (1981), their songs have spread like wildfire. The stories that the charismatic singer and frontman Wolfgang Niedecken tells with his warm, smoky voice are drawn from life, authentic and close.

The genius of his songwriting is reflected in the fact that they have been precisely in tune with the times for decades and, in the 80s, especially with people's longing for moral reorientation. At the same time, they are captivatingly timeless. The rock band from the Rhine doesn't ignore difficult topics.

The band, which has existed since 1976, has been playing nationally for 42 years - continuously and tirelessly in front of tens of thousands of people who collectively know how to sing along to more than just the choruses. As if the whole of Germany was born in Cologne. They play until the fans can't take it anymore - it's no coincidence that the longest BAP gig of all time lasted an impressive four hours and eight minutes (1984 at Sartory).

The ZEITREISE 81/82 tour continues the idea that developed during the FINALLY UNENDLICH tour for the last album EVERYTHING FLIESST. Although an above-average number of new songs were played on this tour, there were also some rarities - songs that had not been on the setlist for more than 30 years.

The audience reaction was phenomenal. The band did not expect such an overwhelming reaction. So it was obvious that Niedecken gave more and more space to the idea of playing a few concerts exclusively with the songs from these two breakthrough albums and the five previously unreleased songs from the live album “Bess demnähx” that followed in 1983.

If you take a closer look at those two million-sellers who defined their careers, you get an idea of why they were so incredibly successful: the thematic range of the song lyrics is enormous and their multifaceted nature reflects everything that they did back then moved young people. The generation at that time was looking for redefined values, a new self-confidence and independence. It was a time of peace movements, opponents of nuclear power and a new musical direction - one in which BAP's songs played an essential role.

Of course, the ZEITREISE 81/8 - Tour 2024 will also reflect this wide range, because all the songs from this era will definitely be played. Even ones that have never been on a set list before. For example, “Fuhl ahm Strand” and “Koot vüür Aach”. Of course, the essential BAP classics “Kristallnaach”, “Müslimän”, “Jraaduss”, “Laundromat” and “Frau, ich freu mir mir” (Woman, I’m happy) shouldn’t be missed.

The new arrangements of the songs, made carefully and with all the necessary respect, ensure that they meet the demands of contemporary tour productions. And yet they will not lose any of their original magic and impact - for Wolfgang Niedecken it was the top priority to preserve the soul and quintessence of the very songs that are the soundtrack of the eighties for so many people, irrevocably linked to their very personal, formative ones Experiences, feelings and also contemporary historical events.

Although none of the songs played on the tour will be younger than 40 years old, there is no danger that BAP will run out of repertoire. If necessary, you fall back on the material from the first two albums. For example on “Anna”, “Ne meine Jrooß” and “Stell dir vüür”. With the last tickets for the four home concerts for the 2024 tour sold in record time, it is clear that the initially perhaps somewhat daring idea for ZEITREISE 81 /82 - Tour 2024 once again hits the nerve of the times.

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