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The band Balming Tiger continues to firmly claim that they are an “alternative multinational K-pop band”. This is quite amusing, as alternative and pop are often viewed as fundamental musical opposites. But in this Korean collective the genres mix anyway: a dozen individuals from Seoul, New Jersey and Mexico, aged between 20 and 40, have come together here.

Balming Tiger

On stage are Omega Sapien, Sogumm, Bj Wnjn, Mudd the Student and DJ Abyss, while San Yawn and Unsinkable produce the music. Jan'Qui and Leesuho handle the video production, visual artist Hong Chanhee is responsible for the artwork, and Henson Hwang writes. Each artist in this ensemble brings their own artistic identity and energy.

Balming Tiger's creative vision aims to reflect the young generation in today's society and promote Asian culture worldwide. However, this statement is not without irony, as the sound is as international as possible. The influences range from Korean folklore to experimental hip-hop, cool jazz, upbeat pop and African rhythm. Everything can appear in their music at once and disappear just as quickly, as no one, not even Balming Tiger herself, can predict what will happen next.

The crew is now so successful and style-defining that they even made it into Vogue this year. They work independently and in the best do-it-yourself manner. The crew's first compilation album is due out soon, before Balming Tiger comes to Berlin in November.

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