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The Mass in B minor by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is considered one of his most important works and is one of the most demanding compositions in choral literature. It was not created in one piece, but Bach worked on it throughout his life until he finally completed it as his last major vocal work in 1748/49, shortly before the year of his death.

The key designation “B minor” refers to the beginning of the work, while only a few other sections are actually notated in this key.

Bach B minor Mass, BWV 232

With: studiosi cantandi, Tonkollektiv HTW, Kammerchor Bethanien, Junge Philharmonie Kreuzberg

Angela Postweiler, Viola Wiemker, Dorothe Ingenfeld, Pedro Matos, Manuel Nickert, Simon Wallfisch

Admission € 12 to 29