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At Berlin's Theater des Westens, BABYLON BERLIN takes its audience to the atmospheric world of the 1920s and early 1930s as part of the TingelTangel concert series.

The unmistakable soundtrack of Babylon Berlin will be staged and interpreted live here for the first time. With a roaring stage show, the images of the series will also be shown in a new context.

Under the musical direction of Johnny Klimek and Kristjan Järvi, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic presents the pulsating era of "Babylon Berlin" with special guest appearances:

Meret Becker, Max Raabe, Natalia Mateo, Madame Le Pustra, Eckart Runge & Jacques Ammon and Cristina Russo as well as other guests will be present.

Through them, the atmosphere will impressively bring to life the special era in which Babylon Berlin is set.

The extraordinary event is a collaboration between TingelTangel, Sunbeam Productions and with the support of X Filme Creative Pool, the production company behind Babylon Berlin, and ARD Degeto.

The programme, which will take place over three evenings, will be filmed by ARD Degeto and shown as a special television event to coincide with the premiere of season 4 in early October on Ersten and in the ARD Mediathek.

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Travel Tip:

HERE you can find more information about the Bahnhit Babylon Berlin concert tour.

A concert ticket for the performance of BABYLON BERLIN on 11./12. or 13.09.2023, including arrival and departure with Deutsche Bahn, three overnight stays and other services is offered by a Bahnhit package.

Participating artists
Johnny Klimek
Kristjan Järvi
Baltic Sea Philharmonic
Meret Becker
Max Raabe
Natalia Mateo
Madame Le Pustra
Eckart Runge & Jacques Ammon
Cristina Russo