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johannes wieland

first on a traffic island, then in a gymnasium and now in dock art; johannes wieland continues his faust-award nominated 'removed' series. With a diverse dance a diverse dance ensemble an anti-heroine story about speed, terror and transit. is our humanity threatened by the fascination with speed, by the fear of standstill? fear of standing still?"

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performers: chris-pascal englund braun, meimouna coffi, jordan gigout, hendrik hebben, gotautė kalmatavičiūtė, fabian riess

staging and choreography: johannes wieland

spoken text: performers, johannes wieland

production design: momme röhrbein

sound: mattef

costume design: stefanie krimmel

dramaturgy: thomaspeter goergen

production management: anna friedrich, inga scheuvens

graphic design: bastian arndt

social media management: aliyah rachel rainer

video: keren chernizon, projeto solo

photo: bastian arndt

supported by the national performance network - stepping out, funded by the commissioner of the federal german government for culture and media, within the initiative neustart kultur / hilfsprogramm tanz, and with funds from the state of hessen and the city of kassel, as well as raumstation 12 gbr, in partnership with zukunftsgeraeusche gbr / bhrox bauhaus reuse, the district of charlottenburg-wilmersdorf of berlin and kulturhaus dock 4 kassel, and with kind support of schöneberg hilft e.v.